Our Old Commercial Boiler Heat System Was Acting Up

Boilers can be dangerous if not maintained, and we still have a lot of commercial boiler systems in New York that heat big buildings. I remember campuses of buildings that were all heated by steam pipes that traveled underground from a central heating facility. I think there are a couple places like that still around. At home you just call it hot water heat. When our commercial boiler system quit on a cold day in January, we called experts in HVAC in New York city to come out and fix it. HVAC stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. We needed the heating expertise then.

Our system would automatically fill if there was a problem with the water level in the system. Something went wrong with that, and the sensor that detects low water levels and shuts off the heat kicked in. I have always been nervous around hot water heat. When you get close to the boiler part that heats the water, you can hear the metal parts groaning as they expand. Ours ticks and clicks and sounds like metal stretching when it comes on. This system was put in sometime in the 1970s. It still works, and experts have determined it is still quite energy efficient, especially for how old it is.

We were not wanting to replace it anytime soon as the expense would have been a real strain on our budget since we just bought this building a few months ago. We needed about a year of income before we could replace it and keep our books in the black. The heating expert replaced the unit that adjusts the water level, and then the fire came on in the burner box. The familiar ticking and clicking started right away. Then the circulating pump turned on to distribute the hot water to all of the radiator pipes. It took about an hour, but the warmth returned.