Saving Money on Electricity and Going Green in the Process

Probably the best advice I got from my neighbor was to dump my electricity provider and go with the one he uses. Well, part of his advice was good. The part about me dumping my current provider of electricity was the good part, not the part about switching to who he uses. Instead of just calling his provider and switching, I looked for more information on the Internet. I found out that there were better options more suited to the amount of electricity we used and when we used the bulk of it. Plus, there was some ethical considerations that my wife and children wanted to address when picking our electricity supplier.

I found a really low price per kilowatt hour for electricity. It was lower than what my neighbor was paying. What was really decent is that they did not have a high minimum usage per month that my neighbor’s provider made him meet in order to not pay any extra fees. The nice thing about it that my wife and kids also liked is that the company guarantees they are only sourcing their electricity from green energy providers. My wife and children are activists in their own right for sustainable living in our environment. I am only partially involved with the same thing. They are much more committed to recycling and sustainable living than I am.

It was nice to be saving on our monthly electric bill without having to compromise their principles. I was prepared to argue my case for the need we had to save money on our utility bills over making wiser choices for the environment, but I did not have to in this case. I read the fine print of the contract, and I liked what I saw. I presented it at our family meeting, and now we have a new supplier of electricity that is saving us money and being green in the process.